At Intelligent, we understand the unique challenges and needs that military-affiliated individuals face when pursuing higher education, and our guide aims to assist them in finding the most suitable online college options. It covers various aspects, such as program offerings, flexibility, support, and more. This resource we've created is a carefully curated guide to the best online colleges for military personnel and veterans. 

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Yes, the VA has programs in place to pay for medical alert systems. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers two options for senior veterans who want a medical alert system. These systems can be a great way for seniors to avoid or minimize serious medical emergencies when they’re home alone. Family and friends can also feel more at ease knowing that their aging loved one is safe and protected.

Guide to choosing a trade career for service members 

This guide includes advice on how to transfer skills learned in service to a new career, which skilled trades are in high demand and the average salaries of those careers, tips on transitioning back into civilian life, as well as trade school and training resources for veterans and their employers.
Richard Opdyke, has funded ten $2,500 scholarships for Junior and Senior students, with a 3.0 in an accredited nursing program leading towards licensure as a professional Registered Nurse.
The Laurene A. Opdyke Nursing Scholarships are in memory of his late wife, who was a retired RN. There is NO restriction on state residency or which accredited school one attends. This is a nationwide offer. The scholarships are administered by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. To learn more about the application process, go to, click Scholarships and then click Apply Now from the menu. If the applicant needs help, there are names of individuals and their contact information, who will be most happy to assist the applicant in the process. The deadline for applications is June 1st.